In the first quarter of 2015 we’re expanding our VFX and camera department with bigger location, reference cinema, green screen and motion capture studio, editing and VFX suites etc. This will be the new film tech hub in central Oslo, both an environment and meeting place for film professionals in Norway.

Being the leading supplier to the film industry in Norway our services consist of:

Four film studios (operated by Filmparken AS)
The only professional studios in Norway, with sizes from 330m2 to 450m2 plus a packshot studio. In conjunction with the studios there’s carpenter and painter workshops, wardrobes, dressing rooms etc.

Grip & Light
Not only do we have the largest selection of lights- & grip equipment in Norway, but also the only mechanical workshop for service and maintenance of grip and light equipment. The things we do not have, we build here.

A full range of 35mm, 16mm and digital cameras from ARRI and RED (2k-6k) combined with lenses and accessories. Having introduced the digital ARRI and RED systems to the Norwegian market and taken over the role of former subsidiary ScanCam AS, we have the most extensive experience with these systems in Norway.

Our creators have won several awards for editing, sound design and VFX. We supply all elements of the workflow, from image capturing to final digital master.

Beeing one of the major VFX-players in Norway we have participated in several feature films and commercials. See our VFX-showreel.

Costumes (operated by Norsk Film Kostyme AS)
100.000 costumes from the time of the Vikings until today are among the heritage from former film productions. For ideas click here.

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