Storyline Studios AS, with 55 employees and an annual turnover off 9.000.000 euro, is the result of the merge between The Chimney Pot Oslo and Norsk Filmstudio (earlier Norsk Film established 1932) that created an extensive Nordic supplier of creative and technical services to audio-visual producers.

We act as both coproducer for feature films (see here for more details about coproductions) and supplier for the movie industry, our services includes the following:

Four film studios
The only professional studios in Norway, with sizes from 330m2 to 450m2 plus a packshot studio, in conjunction with the studios are carpenters and painters workshops, wardrobes, dressing room etc.

Not only do we have the largest selection of film equipment in Norway, but also the only workshop for service and maintenance of grip and light equipment.

A full range of 35mm, 16mm and digital cameras (Arri Alexa Studio & Plus, RED Epic, MX & One) combined with lenses and accessories constitute the camera department that continues the role of former subsidiary ScanCam AS. We do also act as agent for Fuji Film.

Post production
Our artists have won several awards for editing, sound design and VFX. We supply all elements of the workflow, from image capturing to final digital master.

Beeing one of the major VFX-players in Norway we have participated in several feature films and commercials.
See our VFX-showreel

75.000 costumes from the time of the Vikings until today are among the heritage from former film productions. For ideas click here

We feel fully qualified to count our selves as full scale supplier to film producers in Norway. This also includes financing. Out of the last years, on an average, fifteen feature film releases for cinema in Norway we have financed approximately ten of them as well as supplying services to nearly all fifteen films.

Office facilities
We operate the main Norwegian real estate property for film production; Filmparken. Here you will find about 2.500 m2 offices for rental, for both short time projects and regular offices. Several producers and freelance film workers have their office here, close to the studios and equipment suppliers.

Film catalogue
The company control the 133 feature films that was produced by Norsk Film AS in the years 1937 – 2001.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions related to film production:

Position Name Phone
CEO Arild Karlsen +47 90 78 10 32
CFO Arild Karlsen +47 90 78 10 32
Post-Producer feature films Khalid Maimouni +47 90 14 19 94
Post-Producer commercials May Kristin Kaspersen +47 97 12 18 59
Booking – studio Nina Heidenreich +47 47 97 10 13
Booking – light & grip Thomas B.D. Lund +47 47 97 10 11
Booking – camera Hanne Stenhornet +47 99 62 26 24
Booking – costumes Costume department +47 47 97 10 10
VFX – manager Torgeir Busch +47 47 77 55 55


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