Post-production is a very important part of storytelling in film making. Information flow between the creators both raises and ensures the quality of the final product. All post-production is under the same roof with high-end facilities and equipment. An excellent breeding ground for both new and experienced creators in the industry.


Storyline Studios Online main focuses are quality, flexibility and speed. Our experienced creators takes responsibility from script to the premiere at cinema or on TV. By following the whole process as creative counselors at any time, we can reach the goal to squeeze out every bit of production value possible. The choice of Autodesk Flame and Smoke, which have been the leading and industrial standard tools for about 20 years, gives an unique platform for the demands of high expectations when it comes to quality and speed. And, by collaborating close with the VFX department its possible to have a superior creative flexibility.



Storyline Studios is home to some of the best editors in Norway, with experience from all types of productions. Our editors are highly merited at «Gullblyanten» and «Gullfisken» and works with the best talents of directors, both national and internationally. We offer both experienced and new talents who together represents a creative department in constant development.



Storyline Studios VFX got a passion for quality and innovative technical solutions which makes us the leading VFX provider in Scandinavia. The department is constantly evolving and base the success on scalability, flexibility and production efficiency. Our main goal is to optimize the journey from idea to final product as a creative and secure process. We’ve gathered some of the best talents in the country who possess special skills to ensure the best product for our customers. A dynamic team of new talents and experienced seniors with background from major productions, national and internationally.

It’s extremely important for us to always act as a spearhead in our technical future. We constantly use a lot of resources in the quest for high-end technology to creatively find solutions for challenges we face.



Storyline Studios got extensive experience form both commercial and feature films. We’ve delivered grading services for over a decade and were among the pioneers of Digital Intermediate. We manage all recording formats, file, tape or film. With close connection to the camera department and D.I.T. services were always up-front in the development of digital formats, which can benefit the customers choice of recording format.



Storyline Studios is today the leading sound department on the market. We deliver sound design on everything from commercial, documentaries, TV-series and short film to major feature film productions. We can offer services like voice recording, foley, intricate sound design and more. Also, we possess the biggest sound archive of Norway. Our award winning creators assists our customers through the whole process and gives the production the attention it deserves. Cooperating with Jar cinema we are able to use state-of-the-art mixing cinema for feature films.


Torgeir Busch
Torgeir Busch
Producer - VFX
+47 95 87 67 79
Jørgen Berntsen
Jørgen Berntsen
Producer - Commercials
+47 41 63 42 70
Jenny Schjerven Mollerin
Jenny Schjerven Mollerin
Producer - Feature
+47 93 29 99 32
Espen Skjørdal
Espen Skjørdal
Coordinator – Feature
+47 93 42 58 83


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Post-production; Sound, picture & VFX
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